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Twin Flame Recognition and Survival


We have touched upon the issue of Twin Soul Recognition on the earlier pages, but here we go into some more details…

To reiterate, the most important characteristic of the first Twin Soul meeting, of any one particular life, is the almost surreal occurrence, experienced by one or both sides. Some have said they see a halo around their ONE! Others have said Mother Nature actually spoke – either in the form of thunder, earth tremors or even something like a sudden gust of wind. There are also those that felt completely repulsed and angered by the very sight of their Twin. So even though the actual occurrences may differ, the common aspect is that of High Intensity Emotion, whether negative or positive.

The reason for this high intensity drama is two-fold:

  1. Angelic Vibrations – Like mentioned earlier, Twin Souls are familiar with the energy and vibrations of that of Angels, since it’s in their realm that they are formed. Twin Souls naturally have a higher vibration which not only draws their own Twin towards them repeatedly, but many others feel drawn towards most Twin Souls. When the two original halves interact, the vibration is even more intense, since it’s the experience of being re-united with your lost self. (This everyone does not get in that first meeting).
  2. Mirror of Good, Bad and sometimes even Ugly – Since the Twin is the mirror to its respective half, the first experience of contact can be unsettling for a few. It’s like hiding your true self behind all your defences for so many years and suddenly you meet someone who completely reflects all those things that you can’t stand about yourself. But the attraction is unmistakable as they also miraculously posses all the qualities you desire and wish you had! So it’s a double edged sword, no doubt. But most of the time, the attraction is irresistible and places both halves in a kind of tizzy, where they feel elevated to another level of joyous ecstasy and heightened love. And so begin the various stages of the Twin Flame Journey…

The other important point is that prior to a Twin Soul meeting its other half, usually both or one, go through some tremendous tragedy or crisis. This naturally signals the other half to walk into the picture in an attempt to help. Most of the time, this is unknown to both. But on the spiritual level, it means that both souls are ready for a Divine Leap. The first meeting itself places both in a highly ethereal state of being. It momentarily lifts the suffering twin/s into a higher liberated condition of mind, body and soul.

And this is just the beginning…

Phases of a Twin Flame/Soul Union

Phase 1 – Identification and Initial Contact

  • The Universe conspires to bring the two unsuspecting souls together. Even if the two don’t acknowledge one another in the first meeting, the Universe sets up more opportunities of contact till they finally see one another and are stirred.
  • Once the two identify one another, they will either be magnetically drawn together by a higher soldering force, or they will instantly clash and be repulsed by the other, not really understanding why they’re reacting in that way.
  • Twin Souls share many personality characteristics as well. So a lot of positive and negative traits are similar. Even talents, especially creative ones are common, along with topics of interest. These are definite signs to be noticed in the recognition stage.
  • The vibrations being very high are divine, which is why many refer to this stage as the Initial Spiritual Awakening. For some the shared energy can be very overwhelming, while others feel warm and cozy like they’re finally home. In any case there is an inner desire to cross paths again and that will happen, rest assured.
  • At the spiritual level, the heart chakras combine their energies and create a third energy that radiates out to be felt by all around. The energy that Twin Flames exude when together, outshines any other light and surpasses all emotional pulls. For many Twin souls, this initial contact can unleash their spiritual potential and psychic abilities, especially with relation to one another. As a rule, Twin Souls are usually born with or then experience activation of all 12 Higher Chakras on meeting their twin.
  • The initial contact stage is also designed as a trigger that activates the memory of the Twin Souls regarding their mission that’s meant to be undertaken. But most Twin Flames are way too besieged by the meeting itself, that the greater purpose of the Union unfortunately goes unheeded at this point.

Phase 2 – Belief System and Inner Conflict

  • Old belief systems and concepts from the ‘known model’ of relationships enter the minds of either one or both of the Twin Souls. This is also known as the Testing stage.
  • The Universe sets into motion the trials to check how affected the souls are by their individual conditioning. This is where most Twin Souls begin to drift apart or feel painfully conflicted from within.
  • This gives rise to ego and can create trouble between the two individuals. There is a feeling of being torn apart between the love they feel and values in which they believe. Suspicion and mistrust is commonplace in this stage. So there are high intensity clashes that erupt often and these can often be physically or emotionally abusive for the two.
  • The purpose of this stage is purely to allow these futile belief systems to rise to the fore so they may be cleared, in order to proceed on the Twin Flame Union path.

Phase 3 – The Parting

  • The Twin Souls are presented with the choice to either part with their old beliefs or then part with their beloveds. It’s a tragic time for both as the shedding of belief systems and ego for some, can be just as difficult as separating from their Twin Soul.
  • As the Ego rises and takes over from the Divine Love, this can result in anxiety, fear and henceforth, numerous physical ailments for the Twins, It’s a time of crisis and neither one is able to fully accept the partition, though it may seem inevitable at the time.
  • Despite this fear and separation, both Twins are regularly drawn together, led by the soul’s calling in cycles of bonding, confession, forgiveness or love-making. These touch points keep adding to the two understanding one another and themselves.
  • At the spiritual level, these cycles provide opportunities to heal the astral and emotional bodies of the two. The time spent together, heals the Union on certain levels and during the time apart, the Twin Flames have opportunities to heal themselves, individually, in order to unite at some point in a more refined state.

Phase 4 – One Runs, the Other Remains

  • As the hurt surfaces, negative emotions such as anger, judgement, doubt etc also come up, filling one or both Twins with a feeling of complete despair and rejection. This causes either one of the pair, to withdraw in fear and close communication between the two. This is the Runner soul who retreats into a shell, away from his /her Twin soul as a protective step. It is during this stage that the other Twin may make attempts to re-establish contact, but to no avail. A retreated soul will only emerge when it’s ready.
  • The spiritual purpose for this phase is for the Twins to turn towards the Divine for the answers to their questions. It is meant for the maturation of the spiritual bodies of the two. Even when the souls are apart in this stage, both learn a lot from choosing their own individual free wills. The contact is on a sub-conscious level so even if both are not physically in touch, the lines of non local communication are always activated.

All these years, it was a very difficult task for Twin Souls to get past this stage. Many remained locked in their safety zones, denying themselves of their Twin Soul Unions. The emotional, mental and spiritual bodies stopped evolving and both the souls, making compromises lived their incomplete lives, separately, without pursuing their joint missions.

However, today we live in times, where we are evolving at a greater speed than ever before. Hurdles are being overcome in a blink of an eye. The Universe is presenting us with innumerable opportunities to realise our destined life paths. Accordingly, we are seeing an increased number of Twin Souls now entering the later phases of their individual Twin Flame journeys, which involve Surrender, Illumination and Final Harmony & Rest

Phase 5 – Surrender

  • This stage is born out of full faith and trust in the Divine. One or both souls re-open the channels for Divine intervention and succumb to it. It is also usually led by the realisation that the present situation isn’t working and there is a need for a higher power to assist the process.
  • Divine protection is given freedom to guide the Union to the point where both can be re-united with healed bodies. One or both Twins accept their original life plans and allow to be guided in that direction. They also believe that all will occur for the best according to Divine time.
  • There is no pressure on either one of the souls during this stage. The runner is allowed to complete his/her digressed path, before the return to the destined one. There is no insecurity or anger between the two and the effects of the healed bodies and time apart begin to show. The frequency shared now is of compassion and acceptance. If this is not the case, it means that the Surrender from both or either is not complete.
  • The surrendered Twin waits for the other, while continuing on its path of illumination. This may lead this Twin to veer towards a Creative or Spiritual Profession. The attitude with which the surrendered Twin operates is that of service and selflessness.
  • The purpose of this stage is to help both Twins develop ultimate trust and acceptance in the Divine plan.

Phase 6 – Illumination

  • The ego subsides and gives rise to the Divine energy in both Twins. It is the stage of complete Spiritual Awakening. There is acceptance of one another, a possible physical union in terms of a marriage or partnership in any form can manifest, depending on what the soul has chosen. The love assumes greater proportions and exceeds the standards of worldly, romantic love
  • The surrendered Twin’s mental, emotional and spiritual’s bodies reach full realisation and creative or healing abilities are put into practice, assisting others. The vibrations of the Union rise and are now geared to embark on the joint mission of helping humanity, moving their awareness away from self to the whole.

Phase 7 – Harmony and Ultimate Rest

  • This is the stage in which both awakened souls unite in the physical form, combining their higher energies to re-create the third energy in a subtler form.
  • There is mutual agreement on the mission that both are to complete together. Hence, via this, the unified Twins help open other people’s heart chakras, showing them the way to Unconditional Love
  • The sole objective of this stage is for the ultimate culmination of the souls in harmony to finally act on the true purpose, and fulfil the intended mission. The Harmony stage also requires complete realisation and Union of all the bodies of both twins… Physical, Etheric, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional. This gives complete rise to the Union’s capabilities.
  • Do note that sometimes depending on the will, some Twin sets may decide not to come together, but yet continue working on their own individual spiritual paths and assisting the planet. But at this point one must consider why this is… Is it the destined soul plan or is it the ego, yet again, creating a hurdle in their path?

Please note that these stages are all valid and do occur. However each union differs from the other so certain stages may go unnoticed or will tend to be longer or over exaggerated or sometimes, the order may slightly vary. But all in all, these are the vital stages of any Twin Flame Union incarnated on Earth.

The purpose for all, however is to ultimately, uplift humanity and serve at some level or another. The Unified Twin Flames hold immense power and healing energy to help ascend the entire planet to a higher vibration. This makes it even more important for each one of us to fully understand, work on and complete our destined missions, for the purpose of the greater good.

In the newer dimension of existence, as humans progress, the traditional 7 chakras are being transformed into a 12 chakra system for higher purposes. This Chakras in the new system are as follows:

1) Earth Star Chakra

2) Root Chakra

3) Sacral 1 Chakra

4) Sacral 2 Chakra

5) Solar Plexus Chakra

6) Heart Chakra

7) Throat Chakra

8) Third Eye Chakra

9) Crown Chakra

10) Causal Chakra

11) Soul Star Chakra

12) Star Gateway Chakra