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Twin Flames/souls In 2012 And Beyond

Since we have broadly established how, when and why Twin Souls came to be, it’s time to understand the relevance of Twin Soul Unions in today’s times. By this we refer to the era our planet has entered into post Dec 21st, 2012. That which most Spiritualists and New Age Healers refer to as an ASCENSION OR a SHIFT. on Earth.

Well, to the disappointment of many, the world DID NOT end on that day! There was no global holocaust and neither did the snow melt over drowning all living creatures. But what did occur was in fact, a revolutionary phenomenon…

We have felt a definite shift in vibrations which practically showed up through many souls facing dramatic changes in their lives – The definite flushing out of the old, and the welcoming of the new.

With relation to Twin Souls specifically, some have wrapped up their pending karmic arrangements, being synchro-nistically led off their digressed paths, onto their destined course. Others, who haven’t even met their other halves yet, are going through immense purging and cleansing, as all negative emotions are coming to the fore to be healed. A lot of physical symptoms are making themselves evident in order to be healed. Even long drawn relationships and career paths are all taking a turn for the better. It is important to know at this point, dear Twin Souled Beings that whatever is occurring in your lives at this very moment, with or without your Twin alongside, it’s all towards the greater good.

Every Twin Flame journey has its own unique twists and turns, tests and tools but by and large, you will see, in the distance, your calling in the form of the mission with the Twin. As a result, you may experience accelerated events occurring on an auto pilot mode. You may also be picking up visions and dreams of your future. These are all indications of a Bigger Mechanism that’s operating at levels which you may not be able to fathom at all. So the best attitude to adopt right now is that of Trust and Faith that all is well.

So what exactly happened on Dec 21, 2012?

Well, to begin with the Mayan or Maya (Illusionary) Calendar spanning over 5,125 years was scheduled to end on that day and it did. This calendar was created ingeniously 2000 years ago.

Numerous scriptures and predictions proposed a Doomsday phenomenon to occur on the proposed date. It has also been mentioned in the Bible and Quran amongst others, but with metaphoric associations. Plato and Nostradamus in their philosophical rhymes had also predicted about Dec 21st, 12 announcing some extraordinary event but no one knew exactly what…

Though 21/12/2012 opened itself up to immense speculations and assumptions, here are a few facts that did occur:

  • The Sun, the Earth and the Centre of the Milky Way posed in perfect alignment. Metaphysically, our interpretation of this alignment means that the Sun, which is a Patriarchal force joined the Centre of theMilky Way, maternal touch (naturally), to form a New Earth. A kind of Cosmic Yin Yang fertilization!
  • The Photon Belt that Earth is passing through due to this alignment is expelling a somewhat radioactive substance which holds the ability to transform our Carbon based DNA to a Crystalline DNA.

    *Carbon based DNA holds imprints over a period of time which then trigger certain actions or carry traits in individuals. These imprints stay with the soul over lifetimes, hence the patterns we go through repeatedly that need to be broken to be able to live again. The superior crystalline kind, however achieves instant reactions that is Thought to Matter, Here and Now, resulting in Instant Karma.

  • The New Earth also proposes that Time and Space as we know it has ceased to Exist. You too may have already experienced the power you have over Time – When you wish, time moves quickly and likewise when you want it to flow slow, it chugs along merrily. Certain evolved minds are actually able to stop time… One of the many tricks that Illusionists use. The capture over Space is also occurring with the world getting alarmingly tiny, owing to Travel and Telecommunications.

Another fascinating aspect involves Japanese author, Masaru Emoto, best known for his claims that Human Consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Emoto’s experiments have proven that positive effects to Water crystals

can be achieved through prayer, music, or by attaching written words to a container of water. When he stuck the word “Love” to the container, this showed an instant change in the molecular structure of the water. It showed up as a beautiful, symmetrical formation and seemed to radiate back the love sent to it!

Also, recorded by a Spectrogram, the Torsion wave that emitted from the love filled water’s surface showed a particular formation or design. It was recently discovered that the energy emitting from the water’s surface when charged with positive music or words of love, is the same as the energy that is being emitted through the Centre of the Milky Way…towards Earth. Pure unadulterated positivity…in other words – Love. And it was a heavy dosage of those energies that we received on 21/12/12 and continue to do so today…

Hence as we absorb these subtler energies, we have begun experiencing is a Natural Shift - of people, ways of life, locations etc moving out of our everyday existences. There’s a noticeable shedding of old belief systems and the welcoming of new ideas, people and dreams, as we head towards the new dimension of existence. As heart chakras expand, the ways to Unconditional Love too open up…

Prior to the shift, the believers and non believers co-exist on the same plane of existence, so it was difficult to separate the two geographically. But now we see a visible divide between those choosing to exist on a lower energy level and those willing to rise. Hence, all the separations that are occurring in our world…

The New Earth is a result of Collective Will that wishes to go beyond Maya or the Mayan calendar. When we open our hearts (and DNA) to what lies ahead, we will cross over with the body into a new format of existence without even realising it. A boundless, liberated, peace filled environment, where Empathy and Love prevail. That’s what Instant Karma does.

If causing another pain, gives me instant ache, why would I?

With the crystalline DNA if we can act or create as fast as we can think, then Telekinesis (Mind over Objects), Telepathy (Communication through Mind) and Teleportation (Migration through Mind) won’t remain fantasies of Science Fiction. We propose to witness these as a reality by as soon as 2024, when the entire crystallization process is complete. And this is by far THE most exciting aspect of it all…as it’s all prone to occur during our present lifetimes.

Also keep in mind that the Dark forces of the world are rising to be noticed and demolished. It is the time of Lord Shiva’s reign and he is the master of the Light and the Dark. Nothing remains hidden from the public eye and no crime or injustice will go unnoticed.

So how do we shift and where to?

The proposed shift of vibrations and in turn planet Earth is from the existing 3rd Dimension onto the crossing of the 4th Dimension to ultimately reach the 5th.

Let’s talk a bit about what a dimension actually is.

A dimension is a paradigm of existence. It’s not a place located elsewhere on some far away region in outer space. Not is it something that will occur tomorrow or in the past. A dimension is here and now, where you sit and read this. The Dimension that you’re in at the moment allows you to perceive what you can, through your senses. So you are able to sense that that which is in your dimension, including all in the dimensions lower to you.

The very first Dimension that we experience is that of rocks and minerals. They too experience a One Dimensional existence. They can’t turn, they sense only one constant, self-entangled, somewhat restricted point of view. Their only task is self endurance. Hence that’s known as Dimension 1.

Dimension 2 involves the plant and tree world. They too are stationary like the rocks but they can turn towards the sun. Unlike the rock, the plant is aware of itself and one more, which is the Sun. So for it there are two reference points. Hence it leads a two dimensional existence. Its duty therefore is to learn sensitivity – to light, music and other vibrations.

Then we move up to Dimension 3, which is the 3 dimensional existence of animals and humans. Animals are able to move, hunt, pro-create and do all the things to survive and keep its race alive. Man too has those abilities but is capable of so much more!

The human DNA is carbon based and breaks down after death. Crystalline DNA is that of a superior quality that is subtler and lighter in nature. Unlike the carbon DNA it does not hold imprints, it merely refracts energy which results in Instant Karma. The crystalline DNA also helps one to move through the dimensions in the same crystalline body. It is the matter of which Ascendant Masters were made of.